Welcome to Dents Be Gone!

Paintless Dent Repair is a newer technique that removes those small and annoying “dings” and dents (i.e. hail damage) that detract from the appearance and value of your vehicle without breaking the original paint. Depending on the size and location, we may use multiple methods to repair dents:

  1. Manipulation of the dented metal with special tools, accessed from the interior of the panel.
  2. Hot glue dent pulling techniques.
  3. Using “power grip” tools/methods which utilize suction to remove some larger dents.

All of these methods are much more inexpensive repair techniques when compared to that of traditional bump and paint shops. Because we come to you, there is no time loss of your vehicle. This newer technology is also environment “friendly” as it does not create noise, pollution or use chemicals (i.e. paints, thinners) etc. Dents Be Gone owner Bruce Alberts has done training at GM Tech Centers in Warren, Lansing and Flint Michigan and in Chrysler assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri. Dents Be Gone, LLC is located in Lapeer County MI. just 35 minutes NE of Flint, MI. For more information regarding repair services, training or tool & light kits, please call Bruce Alberts at 810-441-3674 or e-mail Bruce@dentsbegone.net/home