Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do you give estimates?
Answer: Yes, I give free estimates

Question: How much do you charge?
Answer: I charge by the job. Most of the repair jobs I do cost between $50.00 – $100.00 per job.

Question: Will my insurance company pay?
Answer: You will have to ask them. Many insurance companies will pay for hail damage repair.

Question: How long can I expect a repair to take?
Answer: I can repair most jobs within 2 hours. The time varies depending on the size, location and the number of dents.

Question: What size/how large of a dent can you repair?
Answer: I have repaired dents as large as a basketball, but it really depends on the location of the dent.

Question: Do you repair bumpers?
Answer: Yes, I have repaired steel bumpers and plastic fascias.

Question: Do you repair motor cycle gas tanks?
Answer: Yes, I have repaired motor cycle gas tanks.

Question: How far do you travel?
Answer: I travel the whole state of Michigan.